Candidate Petition

There are two ways to qualify for the August 2018 ballot:

1. Pay the filing fee of $5048.58 OR

2. Collect almost 3,000 candidate petitions from registered Seminole County voters

WE DID IT! Our campaign submitted the required number of petitions to qualify for the August 2018 ballot! I am so incredibly proud and humbled by the amazing accomplishment of our team! 
#TeamAmy is more than a cute hashtag - you are the heart and soul of our campaign for Seminole County Commission.
You accomplished what NO OTHER campaign for county commission was able to do!  You collected 3,433 petitions by knocking on doors, attending community events, spreading our conservative message at church, and in your neighborhood!
 So, congratulations on a tremendous achievement - and THANK YOU! But we are just getting started!
If you are not one of the hundreds of Seminole County citizens who have already joined our grassroots team, please consider it now. Local campaigns, like ours, need an army of volunteers to spread our message, and there are so many ways YOU CAN HELP!