Five Star Leadership



  • We must be accountable to Seminole County residents – that means being fiscally responsible with their tax dollars, keeping taxes low, and upholding high ethical standards. 

  • We must be committed to supporting local law enforcement and our first responders - safe neighborhoods are a top priority for our community.


  • We must have County Commissioners who stand up for we, the people, and support the values that build a strong community.

  • On the School Board, I stood with “Recess Moms” to give our kids recess again in school and I fought to reduce Tallahassee testing in our schools. I’ll take that same fighting spirit to the County Commission and stand up for you against any special interests looking to profit at your expense.


  • We must be willing to take action, think creatively, and challenge the status quo.

  • We must be proactive in managing the county’s budget, attract new jobs to our community, and support our local small business owners by creating policy that encourages entrepreneurship.


  • We must preserve high quality neighborhood schools which are the core of American society. We must ensure education prepares our students for the workforce as well as higher education - collaboration among local government and local businesses to provide internships, technical training, and real world work experience is critical to a well-rounded community. 

  • We must encourage excellence – excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and quality infrastructure will ensure an exceptional quality of life for Seminole County families.


  • We must be accessible to all of our community members and recognize them as the valuable resources they are - being accessible and willing to learn from all stakeholders is imperative.